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Personality || History

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The history is taken from his eronum application, so any references to things past 1975 (salkia_island-verse) are only applicable to his eronum version. Which doesn't exist anymore.

I might write more detailed plus Salkia-specific versions of his these later, but for now I'll let 'em stand as they are.

Character Relations

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If there's anyone I've missed, please tell me~! Also note that some of the peeps here "returned" to the island but under a different mun. For example, the Cloud that America's got beef with isn't the same as the most recent Cloud. So yeah.

Day THIRTY-FOUR is saved, thanks to ME

I'll knock 'im when he comes back.

About time! One less imperialist going around cursing everyone! After that whole 'Bloody Mary' thing, I'd send him home, too! Or at least until he stopped collecting kids. Then he could come back.

I-it's not like he's dead or anything, he's just fine! So it's okay, and if we're lucky he won't come back for a while. Yeah!

He's always leaving, anyway. That hasn't changed one bit.

Before my birthday, too! Not cool.
[Filtered to Physics students, easily hackable]

Alright, kiddos! Your exam review on Temperature and Heat is due tomorrow, so don't forget to finish up! We'll go over heat transfer tomorrow before we begin reviewing the 'kinetic theory and thermodynamics' section, and a little reading ahead won't do you guys any harm!

Also, I'm bringing up the idea of going to the amusement park for our end-of-the-year field trip to Mr. Kaiba soon, so it'd be great to have your input on that.


Alice, if you want to get anything at the store tonight, be sure to write it down, okay? We'll go shopping later!
[Those who had been staying in America's house during the Dark Moon plot may have noticed a few ridiculous purchases, and if they're lucky they'd have seen the inside of his room where they've all been stored. A rather large whiteboard complete with markers and erasers is hanging out across the room against the wall where he can see it from his bed, and his shiny new shotgun is placed right next to his pillow, along side the Stoner 63B he brought with him back in October. Both are among these purchases, the others...they'll come in time. On the whiteboard are really crappy drawings of faces, with notes written in chicken scratch beneath them, along with arrows attaching them to other faces. Some are faces of nations, some are of humans.

The corner of this disorganized madness, with the view of the paper-ball ridden carpet in tow, is what the LP is stuck on while America sits at his desk, grumbling and scribbling, crumpling and eating.

--ot a commie, but he's a fuckin' empire, I can't just change the policy now! [He sighs, and there's the thump of his elbow meeting the surface, the crinkle of his fingers digging through his amber waves of grain. There's a silence, tense and stressed.]

[Getting up, he grabs the LP instinctively, accidentally shutting off the video, but not the voice. Pop goes the marker cap, squeak! squeak! squeaksqueak! goes the writing on the wall. It's fast, annoying, but it has to be done. Without anyone to be his voice of international reason, he's left to his own devices, lacking a second opinion. Perhaps he should fix that.]

There. That looks about right! Gotta find out what the exact dates are, and maybe I can get this ball rollin'! [He lets out a relieved breath he's been holding back for a while.] I'll need to talk to her [tap], him [tap], him [tap!], him [TAP] definitely! Maybe this one [tap], too.

[Another period of silence, save for the recapping of the markers and rattling of plastic as he tosses them to the floor, takes place, and it can be assumed he's admiring his work. Suddenly, he starts laughing loudly, obnoxiously, but at least he's laughing. He hasn't in a while.]

It's the best idea ever! And I won't accept any objections, because I'm the hero, and this is gonna work!

[He lets out another round of laughter before he stuffs the LP into his pocket, causing the transmission to cut.]

[[ooc: So, other nations, what do you guys think of a world meeting? And this is to be 'posted' before Vietnam comes over, so pretend his replies are late.]]


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